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A Bit About Us

Phoenix Power Wash is an exterior cleaning service company. We clean everything from roofs to concrete and everything in between.
We serve Austin, Texas, and the surrounding areas for both residential and commercial properties. More now than ever, property owners want/need their property as clean and sanitary as possible. Let us take care of your investment and “Give Your Property New Life”

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What We Do

Roof Cleaning

Roof Wash

Haiving your roof cleaned not only improves the aesthetics of your property, but it also extends the life of the roof by removing all of the organic growth.  That unwanted organic growth eats away at the roofing material over time.  Book a roof cleaning today and extend the life of your roof.

Concrete Cleaning

Concrete cleaning is one of the simplest ways to renew the aesthetics of your property.  Concrete cleaning will remove all the years of built up dirt and grime that gets tracked inside of your home or business.


House Wash

A house wash improves the "curb appeal" of your property.  But is also allows us to get any organic growth off of the siding to prevent damage to the paint and any other material your property may be built out of.

Window Cleaning

Improve the overall look of your property by having the exterior of the windows cleaned on a regular basis.  Let more natural light into your home or business.

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What We Do


Gutter Brightening and Cleaning

Regular gutter cleaning is necessary to allow the water and debris to flow off of your roof smoothly.  But don't neglect the outer portioin of the gutters!  Having the gutters brightened is an easy way to improve the outer appearance of our property.

Fence Cleaning

Bring your grey and old fence back to life!  Book a fence cleaning and add years to your fence instead of spending thousands to replace it!

Solar Panels on Roof

Solar Panel Cleaning

Coming soon!


Customized free estimates to cater to each clients individualized needs and expectations.

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